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Did you protect your Graphical User Interface?


Well done! You spent a lot of time and energy and finally… the “look and feel” of your graphical user interface is perfect.


But, what if someone imitates the design of your layout or icons? Definitely frustrating!

How to avoid this situation?
Well, you should seriously consider to protect your GUI with a design patent.

We warmly recommend to discuss with a professional how to best protect your GUI.
The open platform will help you to find a professional for the job.

Here are some examples of registered designs owned by Apple Inc.:



Design owner: Apple Inc. Design numbers: 002588442-0004; 001440655-0006; 002765396-0001; 002889469-0017; 003471622-0002; 002642058-0026; 003310903-0005; 002888214-0003

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