Patent Projects


Patent Projects is an online platform that aims at matching demand and offer of Industrial Property (IP) services, related to

Patents, Trademarks and Designs

We are a unique platform designed to help

  • Companies, Startups, and Individuals to find their ideal IP Professional, such as

Patent, Trademark or Design Attorneys, Patent Drawers and Patent Translators.

If you need to protect your Invention, Brand or Design, we can provide you an easy way:

Simply post a Project (it’s free and with no obligation!) describing what you need,

Receive offers from different IP professionals rated by users like you and select the best candidate,

Get the job done and rate the professional!

  • IP Firms and Translation Agencies to

find new Clients, by applying to projects,

and manage work overload, by hiring Freelancers, such as other Patent or Trademark  Attorneys, Patent Drawers and Patent Translators.

  • Freelancers to find work, by applying to projects.

We call Employers those who Post Projects and Job Seekers  those who Apply to Projects

Posting Projects is Free of charge and with no obligation.

To apply to projects, Professionals (Job Seekers) have to use credits.

Only for Professionals (Job Seekers) Credit Packs: 50 Credits for 59 EUR (ca 49 GBP) – 100 Credits for 99 EUR (ca 84 GBP)  – 5 Credits to apply to a Project

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