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International Patent Appliations (PCT Patent Applications)

A User-Friendly Guide to International Patent Applications, also known as PCT Patent Applications.

This video includes:
A commented Timeline of the application process and Advantages of International Patent Applications.


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  1. […] you know what a patent is? Have a look at our post, and if you want to learn more, we prepared a user-friendly guide to international patent applications and explained why you should take care […]

  2. […] Territorial limit – Bear in mind that patents are territorial rights. This means that patent’s rights can be enforced only in those countries where a patent application has been filed. When patent protection is sought for many countries, to ease the procedure, European or International (PCT) patent applications can be filed. Typically, many companies file a patent application for their home country, and then – within no more than 12 months – file a European or International patent application, which allow to group several countries at once. For those who want to learn more about International patent applications, we prepared a user-friendly guide. […]

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