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International Patent Application – PCT Timeline

A simplified and user friendly guide to International Patent Applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) – also famous as PCT applications, in six steps.

1. Congrats! You filed a Patent Application for one Country
Tips: In the meanwhile…Improve your invention and/or Find investors
2. You filed an International Patent Application (PCT) – about 150 Countries booked
Tips: Last chance! If you want to add something, do it now!
3. Showtime: The Examiner gives his 1st opinion – (International Search Report)
4. Your Patent Application is now Public
5. Not satisfied of the 1st opinion? Say your word to the Examiner and ask for a new opinion – this is called Chapter 2
5′. The Examiner gives a new opinion (If you did ask it)
6. Where are we going? Select your Market Countries
Tips: Do it carefully, costs can rise up

You can download the PCT timeline in pdf at the link below, but remember… © 2016 Patent Projects, All rights reserved!


For further information consult the official material provided by WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization


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