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Office fees to apply for a Patent
Amounts are only indicative: consult the official links or a patent attorney for further information.

Attorney fees required to draft a patent application are not included.

Patents and HORIZON 2020

In  the H2020 jargon, ‘Results’ means any (tangible or intangible) output of the action, as well as any rights attached to it, including intellectual property rights, e.g. patent, trademark
The Korean giant really wants to take care of us!

A freshly published patent application reveals that Samsung devices could integrate a contactless
What is a Patent
To protect their technology, innovative entrepreneurs and inventors should be familiar with key concepts about patents. Indeed, patents are the legal tool which allows to protect inventions. This article
International Patent Appliations (PCT Patent Applications)
A User-Friendly Guide to International Patent Applications, also known as PCT Patent Applications.
This video includes:
A commented Timeline of the application
International Patent Application - PCT Timeline
A simplified and user friendly guide to International Patent Applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) - also famous as PCT applications, in six steps.

Did you protect your Graphical User Interface?
Well done! You spent a lot of time and energy and finally... the "look and feel" of your graphical user interface is perfect.


But, what if someone imitates the

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European Design Attorney

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